We are developing immersive and adaptive virtual reality training experiences.

Traditional training methods (such as 2D videos and presentations) are failing to give a feel of the surrounding work environment which presents a major obstacle for corporations and it goes some way to explaining the historically high fatality rates within some industries.

By setting aside the manuals and information sheets and using virtual reality, trainees can practice essential skills without placing lives at risk and they stand a better chance of retaining information. With the ability to rewind training and progress at their own pace, VR experiences also help combat our shrinking attention spans.

Better training saves lives.


Immersive Video

All of our environments feature real-life videos and 3D scenes that you can walk around to feel truly immersed.

3D Audio

When you move, the audio changes accordingly, just like in real life!

Voice Recognition

We have partnered with public speaking coaches and therapists to develop the best algorithms that would give you professional feedback on your speech.


Experiences and data analysis results can be shared with anyone!


Pair it with a smartwatch (we support many of them!) to monitor your physiological activity.

Adaptive Training

Everyone learns differently. Our AI algorithms provide personalised training experiences to make sure everybody gets the most out of them.

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